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About Olivia
Olivia, or Liv, is a Site Coordinator for Waterville Connected Schools and a synonym for balance. She’s someone who has learned how to “pivot” in order to accomplish tasks in a fast paced environment. She is pragmatic, yet optimistic. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Binghamton University and can hold a conversation just by using movie quotes. When she is not at her office helping families get connected with the resources they may need, you can find her with her dog Bear, watching crime documentaries, or eating pizza. Her most notable saying is, “I’m a hard worker.” Olivia is immensely happy to be part of this team! “Let’s get down to business.”


“Being able to team up with a local thrift shop (Creekside Community Outreach Center) who donated over 100 prom dresses and tuxedos for the students to try on and take home – It was a great way to show what can come out of community involvement. The students were ecstatic! One student told me that the dress they had chosen would be the first dress they ever owned. Hearing that warmed my heart and I knew this was something we should do every year.”

“There was a family that needed food because the mom recently lost her job. I spoke to the family regarding their son and LINK and the more we talked, the more I found out about the family. Both parents had lost their jobs and were struggling. I was able to provide the family with food and clothing. I also helped them get assistance. The family was so appreciative they called the school to let them know how happy they were.”

Liv’s favorite CCS moment so far:

“My favorite moment with CCS thus far was when we did the Christmas giveaway. Being able to shop for gifts, display them, and let the families pick out what they wanted was amazing. Seeing how happy it made everyone even out weighed our light-up sweater vests and holiday movies!”

What is Connected community schools?

families LINKed to needed services and resources

Snacks provided to students and classrooms

= 923,000 Meals distributed

Individuals served through our community resource hubs

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