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The Connected Community Schools Initiative is spearheading a centralized community resource hub to connect Rome citizens with services that address many unmet resource needs, which leads to health disparities among vulnerable populations. The Community Impact Center will hub many non-profit agencies and community resources in a single location.

The space identified is the building that previously housed Old City Hall in Rome. The roughly 18,000-square-foot building located at 207 N. James Street was home to the city’s government for more than 80 years. “From the day we started this project, it was our sincerest hope that the building would serve as a municipal beacon in a reimagined downtown Rome. We are ecstatic to enter into a relationship with such a creative and inspired group,” stated Architect, Matt Varughese.

The center will also serve as the main operations center for local school resource hubs. These hubs are currently being created in the school buildings of several area districts that participate in Connected Community Schools. Working cooperatively with area BOCES; RAE and CNYHHN are expanding their footprint to provide linkage to nearly 15,000 students in 9 districts for the 2021-2022 school year. “Our vision is to take what we have been able to do in schools and make it available to everyone in the community,” RAE’s Executive Director, Melissa Roys stated. “There are people we know we could be assisting who are unable to access our school buildings, for instance, our senior population.”

The Impact Hub will also “extend the day” to provide services after normal working hours so working families do not have to take time off from work to receive services. Non-profits will co-locate within the Impact Hub and provide resources and trainings for those in need. “Unfortunately, many agencies that work closest with underserved and vulnerable populations are smaller agencies that are not always able to afford occupancy in a centralized location. The center will allow for the true alignment of community resources by offering local non-profits an affordable option to acquire space,” stated CNYHHN’s Executive Director, Jane Vail.
Kim Rogers, 3rd Ward Councilor for the City of Rome, also expressed, “I applaud these agencies for their visionary approach to a new program that will benefit countless families in our community. It is only fitting that a building so rich in history be utilized for a program that will have such a significant impact for many years to come.”

The vision is that every struggle a student, individual or family experiences will be met at one location and for resources not located within the hub, there will be a well-coordinated effort to access those resources before one leaves the hub. Forging these local partnerships will allow the entire community to be more successful, productive and healthy.

While space at 207 is developed, our interim Impact Center is housed at 414 N James St, right across the street from DeSalvo’s.

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Melissa Roys

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