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The purpose of the Advisory Board is to create a space for community providers, participants, agencies, organizations, and the like to come together and discuss how we serve our community. This is a place to share pathways to service, referral information, overcome obstacles, brainstorm ideas, and form new and lasting relationships.  

The advisory board is a diverse stakeholder group organized to oversee the development and sustainability of the community school. Together, this team explores the implementation of their community school, ensuring it is sustainable as well as consistently meeting the changing needs of the community and utilizing existing strengths.

Committee Type

The advisory board will exist as a standing committee for the CCS initiative. The advisory board will be chaired by a member of the CCS leadership team.


When a group of people comes together develop a community school, it is imperative that all “voices” are represented at the table. Advisory Board members are ideally comprised of representatives from all of the different groups who will be instrumental in the community school development.

The advisory board shall be comprised of/include:

  • People who will work directly with the community school programs (School faculty, school non-academic support staff – social service providers, community organizations, health care providers, recreation services)
  • People who can support the delivery of program and services through the identification of resources and in-kind support (business, law enforcement, government representatives, community foundations)
  • People who have a clear understanding of student and family needs and resources (parents, students, churches, child care providers, teachers)
Advisory Board

Activities, Duties, and Responsibilities

To accomplish the aforementioned purpose, the advisory board’s responsibilities are:

  • To develop a shared vision for the community school
  • To provide support, feedback and work around several key areas of community school development and sustainability
  • To create a network of partners and resources to support student development and contribute to community school development (health/mental health services, recreation, enrichment and more)
  • To develop, through a diverse range of experiences, perspectives and areas of expertise, a comprehensive understanding of student and family needs and available resources
  • To address specific challenges to community school transformation, and resource access and availability for the students and families of the community as they arise
  • To call for and advocate for policy changes in key institutions to support community school development
  • To develop outcomes for programming and ensure they are aligned with the identified student and community development needs of the needs assessment, as well as with the strategic plan and curriculum goals and outcomes of the school district.

Specific community school programs and services are selected with this alignment and integration in mind. The advisory board uses assessment data to plan and implement services and programs that will:

  1. Remove barriers to student development;
  2. Support students’ academic challenges; and]
  3. Enrich and deepen students’ development and learning.

Standard Committee Procedures

  • The Advisory Board will normally meet on a monthly basis.
  • Any member may invite any director, officer, staff member, expert, or other advisor who isn’t a regular member to attend.
  • The committee will review its charter at least biannually and recommend any proposed changes for review.


The advisory board has no expressed or implied power or authority. Decisions may be voted on if necessary. Final power and authority rests with Connected Community Schools Executive Leadership.

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