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We had a simple idea and were given a path to get there.

If we were able to bring together the entire community, including agencies, services, organizations, businesses, places of worship, individuals, teachers, administrators, union members and leaders, investors and other people with the same mission, could we help students become successful, productive and engaged healthy citizens?

I believe the desire to help is contagious. I also believe that anything anyone is in need of is already here and available, but some need assistance getting it. If we were to add a little fun and a few exciting educational experiences along the way, and invite families into our schools for dinners and celebrations, would we see some positive transformation and a fresh sense of belonging to this new community – a community that works collectively, collaboratively and not competitively?

It has worked. We are improving students’ lives on many levels and seeing family struggles dissipate. Needs were discovered and addressed. Experiences were shared. Knowledge was passed on. Doors were open, and arms have been outstretched to embrace.

We haven’t solved all of the world’s or area’s problems and struggles, but daily we are seeing results; and we did it as a community, and we will continue this work as one large connected community.

-Melissa Roys, Executive Director


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