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Katie Rockwell

Katie Rockwell

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About Katie
Katie Rockwell has been in the human services field for over 10 years. She loves helping children and their families to navigate some pretty difficult life challenges. Katie appreciates everyone’s life story and wants to help them along their way. On a personal note, she loves to be outside in the sunshine. Katie spends a lot of time at her camp in the summer in the Adirondack Mountains. She is a mother of two awesome kids with whom she loves sharing this life, and she is also known by those in her circle as the chicken lady – she has over 50 chickens at any given time! They are a hobby of hers and they are so much fun, just like Katie.

“The CCS team coordinated the reacher giveaway in all three of our schools. The teachers and staff at DCS were so appreciative. It left me with a great feeling. We also assisted several families during the holiday season with food, gifts, and hygiene items. I had families at DCS thanking me for weeks afterwards.”
“We were able to pull together a free hair and makeup event for DCS students for prom. The feedback from the families and staff regarding this was amazing. It is absolutely something I look forward to helping with in the future.”
“I jumped in to help with breakfast and lunch delivery when school shut down during the pandemic. In the early stages, I delivered to students daily. Then I transitioned to coordinating the list of student deliveries for the school as the list grew longer during the pandemic.”

Katie’s favorite CCS moment so far:
“I’d have to say the appreciation from the school staff for all of the things that we do makes me so proud to be a part of CCS. I also enjoy when we bounce ideas and resources off of each other and help each other to figure out heavy situations. Being able to see the students light up when they receive something they have been needing from the CCS One Stop Shop is also a pretty great feeling.”

What is Connected community schools?

families LINKed to needed services and resources

Snacks provided to students and classrooms

= 923,000 Meals distributed

Individuals served through our community resource hubs

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