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Connected School

Uniting the most important influences in a child’s life – school, family and community. Nurturing students into becoming productive citizens.

$600,000 Investment = $8,400,000!

$8,400,000 in Return in grant awards obtained and invested. We provide your district with the tools and templates to become a successful Community School and will support you along the way.  Our team has perfected our implementation, communication & reporting systems to ensure your growth of the program is successful. Students and families are directly affected in a positive manner through our hands on approach.

by the numbers

View our 2 page condensed annual report.

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For every $1 invested on a Site Coordinator the national average of ROI is $7. We turn around $14+!

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families LINKed to needed services and resources

Snacks provided to students and classrooms

= 923,000 Meals distributed

Individuals served through our community resource hubs

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